Tacx Galaxia Rollers Review: 5 Reasons To Buy/Not Buy

  • Last Updated: November 10th, 2019

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Featureing some pretty inovative features designed to create a smoother ride and reduce the chances of coming off, the Tacx Galaxia rollers certainly have a lot going for them.

Time to find out what it’s like to live with and use:

The Tacx Galaxia Rollers Reviewed

To write our Tacx Galaxia Rollers review, we spent 7 hours reading reviews from experts and users.

In summary, this is what we found:

5 reasons to buy

  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Reasonably queit
  • Realistic road feel
  • Perfect for pre-race warming up
  • Rocking mechanism does help create stability

2 reason not to buy

  • Lack of resistance
  • Quite difficult to setup and instruction manual is poor.

Bottom line

The Tacx Galaxia rollers represent extremely good value for money. While they do lack the resistance settings that come with more premium products, for anyone looking for a set of bike rollers to help pass the winter on – these are certainly a good option.


If product owners do seem to have an issue with the Tacx Galaxia, it’s how fiddly they are when trying to get them setup and how poor the instruction manual is.

While the main assembly is straight forward, issues seem to be experienced when trying to get the rollers setup correctly for the bikes wheelbase. The spring loaded clips can be tight which is a pain if you’re having to store the Galaxia after every workout.

A trick here is that once you have the Tacx Galaxia correctly setup, mark the telescopic rails with pen so you can quickly extend it to the right position next time.

Ride Quality

While writting our Tacx Galaxia rollers review we found a few features that make them a joy to ride.

The first is in the design of the drums which feature a slight curved design. This naturally encorages the bike to ride in the center of the roller and reduces the chances of you coming off.

The second pretty cool design feature is in how the twin rear drums are designed. Rather than the usual setup of putting rubber feet at the back of the unit, the Tacx Galaxia opts to suspend the twin rear rollers on the chassis. What this then means is that when you get out of the saddle either on the tops or drops, you’ll notice an improvement in stability compared to other units.

Finally, Tacx have built the Galaxia with a patented swing system that allows the rollers can swing backwards and forwards. This might sound alarming, however, what it really means is that when you increase the watts suddenly such as when sprinting out of the saddle, the rollers absorb the sudden movement keeping everything smooth.

Build Quality And Design

At 8.2kg (18.1lbs), the Galaxia feels well built without feeling too heavy to transport.

As you’d expect from Tacx, the bearings used in the rollers feel smooth and created very little noise while the frame felt durable and didn’t creak while in use.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it. As we’ve seen in this Tacx Galaxia review, the unit has some excellent feautre such as the swing system and conical roller design, machined to help keep you more stable when out of the saddle. If you’re looking for a set of rollers that will soak up the miles, you can’t go far wrong than with the Galaxia.

Scott Holliday

Scott Holliday has been coaching athletes of all levels for over 10 years and is certified by the acclaimed International Triathlon Coaching Association (ITCA). He works with athletes of all abilities to help then unlock their potential.