How To Do A Tempo Run

A simple definition of a Tempo Run is running at the brink for an extended period of time to be faster and strengthen muscles. Jack Daniels, Ph.D., popularized it about ten years ago. This is his rationale, from his Running Formula (Human Kinetics): A tempo run is nothing more than 20 minutes of steady running […]

Why Your Foot Goes Numb While Running

Running is a great way to lose some weight, gain some stamina, and even help you think. If you are a runner, you are probably all too aware of the effects that hard running can give like muscle soreness or even blisters. However, if you are your foot goes numb while running, similar to your […]

How To Warm Up For A Run

Once upon a time, the only warmup that runners did before a run was some static stretching… That’s a definite “no-no” today, though, as we now know that this type of stretching before a run can slow you down and also put you at risk for injury! A proper pre-run warmup will prep your muscles […]